Original strap winders from Dynello

At Dynello we have been working with strap winding since 2014. Get your straps under control today.

dynello fastwinder strap winder

Time-saving tool

Less than 10 seconds for a 9.5 meter lashing strap. That's how fast the Dynello fastwinder™ is.

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Storage of straps

Our popular clamps for lashing straps ensure that the strap cannot unwind during storage. The minimal design of the clamp is easy to apply and does not take up extra storage space.

We offer Dynello Clip for the following strap widths: 25 mm, 35 mm and 50 mm.

Easy storage

Put your lashing straps faster in use with an organised storage.

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Dynello - Strap winders since 2014

In Europe, Dynello is the leading manufacturer of strap winders for load-securing lashing straps. Dynello has developed, produced and sold the most reliable and robust strap winder products since 2014. Known in the market as a supplier of innovative, high quality strap winders, at favourable prices!

Our product range includes several types of strap winders for ratchet straps, both for professional and hobby use, which are used along with a cordless drill. In addition, we offer our popular Dynello Clip, a lashing strap clamp that makes storage of straps tidy and easy.

The products are partly manufactured by Dynello at our address in Denmark (Skive) and by partners in China. All products are quality checked, packed and shipped from Skive. All products are proudly manufactured to our high standards, specifications and represent our DYNELLO brand - With this we guarantee you top quality and service.